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EcoTankering in Numbers

How does it work?

Screen with fuel diagram
Aircraft being fuelled
• 3%-7% savings on average are standard
• No investment required
• Works with any fligh planning system

• Either as stand alone 2 click solution or
• Fully embedded into your flight planning system

For more information click here
For more information click here


The EcoTankering software tool uses the price differences between airports and calculates the optimal additional quantity of fuel that has to be carried for achieving the highest savings at the end of a flight sequence.

The tool takes all relevant factors and limitations into consideration to tell your ground ops and pilot the precise quantity of fuel to be taken extra. For every leg of a flight sequence it indicates clearly how much fuel to block. The saving is provided in percent and as absolute amount.

The final EcoTankering's market testing phase ended in march 2011. The system has proven its significant saving capabilities in live operation. It is now available as a stand alone solution or can be fully integrated into various flight planning systems.

For background and FQAs please refer to the section Background.

For a sneak preview of the system please take a look at our Section Brochure and Video.


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